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情人节除了花花,我们推出了实际又卡哇伊的小兔和小鹿暖袋 !
暖肚又暖心 ♡ 除了可以注入热水,微波加热,也可以冷冻冰敷哟!礼盒包括卡片和干花。


  1. 加入水,微波炉加热
  2. 加入热水
  3. 加入水冷藏

产品会附上使用说明书。可以选小兔或小鹿造型 ♡


Introducing little bunny & deer heat pouch for Valentine’s! Because we know cramps can be the literal worst for ladies on their special days every month, we are bringing you these cutest life-savers (besides giving them warm water & chocolates)! You can add in hot water directly, heat with microwave & even freeze them to use as cold pack! Send your loved ones this thoughtful gift & thank us later (*´∇`*) comes with gift box, message card & dried flowers.

Use as heat or cold pack- 3 different ways

  1. Microwave heat
  2. Add hot water
  3. Add water & freeze

Instruction card provided. Available in two designs- bunny & dear