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" At Callifloral, we love to share our knowledge and love for flowers! "

Besides creating gorgeous flower arrangement & design, we love working with people! Ever since we started our first flower arrangement workshop in 2017, we found great passion in sharing our experiences & knowledge- to empower people to achieve their dreams.

We love listening to how you get frustrated with your daily routine, yet always find peace when you walk by your neighbourhood's florists ; we love to see the flares in your eyes whenever you talk about your dream ; we love your learning spirit even though most of you have never worked with flowers before ; 

& at the end of the day-

we love to see the smiles on your face looking at your own creations!

" Everyone is invited! "

Our workshops are suitable for all ages- beginners are welcomed!

  • Individuals with no experience at all, but aspire to create beautiful floral arrangements
  • Florists looking to grow their skillset
  • People who want to pursue a dream
  • Anyone who needs a new spark of fresh inspiration
  • People who want to meet new people and have fun!

"About our workshops"

We offer a variety of exciting hands-on workshops every month. 

A floral workshop is typically 2 to 3 hours.

Participants will learn the techniques on recognising and choosing the the freshest flowers, how to care for them, followed by a hands-on session to creating a beautiful flower arrangement. Our workshops are a fun way to learn basic floristry skills and classes are for all experience levels, however especially suitable for those who have no prior experience and want a bit more guidance.

 All workshop materials are provided and you can take your finished creations home.

Registration and payment in advance of the workshop are required as numbers are limited. 

Please contact us via 0169212607 (Whatsapp only) for your booking or for further information